Andrew Burn

The Baroque Experience: Historical Bassoons @ BVBD

On-site Faculty 

Andrew isn’t one to take the beaten path. A performer, composer, and rugby referee, his work has taken him to over 50 destinations in 18 countries. A card-carrying Early Musician, Andrew advocates for the reintroduction of ancient principles of performance to today’s concert setting. Not only does he perform on historical instruments, he hopes to encourage the idea that those instruments stand next to their modern counterparts as ‘rediscovered’ equals, rather than as inferior species.

A Canadian living in Basel, Switzerland, Andrew performs internationally. Recently he has appeared with the ensembles Musica Fiorita (Basel), Cappella Mediterranea (France), Les Voix Baroques (Canada), and Accademia Barocca Lucernensis (Switzerland). He is a leading member of NewBO, and directs the ensembles Our Very Own (Ottawa), and Primary Colours (Basel). From 2013-2015, Andrew was the bassoonist for the European Union Baroque Orchestra. During that time the orchestra performed over 50 concerts from London to Istanbul, Malta to Stockholm. Andrew has performed for radio in over 15 countries, and can be heard on the ATMA, Pan Classics, Obsidian, and ACCENT labels.

In May 2017, Andrew won the Professional Bassoon Competition hosted by the Fagot Netwerk (NL) in Groningen, The Netherlands. It was the first time a bassoonist won the competition playing on a period instrument.

Andrew’s BVBD connection –
Andrew studied bassoon with Jo Ann Simpson at Canterbury High School and Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He has been connected with Brooke Valley Bassoon Days presenting, teaching and making reeds both in person and virtually since 2015. Andrew is a supporter of The Paul Buttemer Scholarship Fund.

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