Sharon Mulder

Sharon Mulder

Presentation and Drama Education

Sharon Mulder is truly a renaissance woman with a passion for the arts, nature, science, drama … and

A dedicated grade 8 teacher, the scope of her teaching extends far beyond the traditional, integrating
many subject areas into developing presentation skills and drama. Her leisure hours are occupied
gardening, painting, sewing and crafts, and with the occasional encounters with reptiles and turtles!

Sharon studied string bass and English at Wilfrid Laurier University before obtaining a Masters degree in
Distance Education from Athabasca University. She spent much of her late teen years playing bass guitar
in a cover band, and later another seven years with two of her kids in an eight-person pop fiddle band.
She plays upright bass in a number of orchestras in the Greater Toronto Area, and loves to play in pit
orchestras of musicals.

At Brooke Valley Bassoon Days, Sharon guides drama games and exercises to help develop presentation
skills that involve the voice instead of the bassoon!

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