Bassoon Instruction

Master Classes

Richard Hoenich, Jo Ann Simpson and guest faculty provide instruction on practice methods, breathing techniques, tonguing and scale exercises, repertoire, etudes, orchestral excerpts, preparing for auditions, etc.

Individual Lessons…

…with Richard Hoenich, Jo Ann Simpson and guest faculty at no extra charge.


Friends, parents and the general public are invited to our Faculty Concert, as well as to the closing concert in which everyone participates. A barbecue lunch follows.

Bassoon Ensembles

We have an extensive library of duos, trios, quartets, quintets and large bassoon ensemble with new music being written for us every year. If there is something in particular you would like to work on, feel free to bring it along.

Hi Jo Ann:
Thank you and please extend our thanks to Richard and all the others who contributed to our enjoyable and successful sessions at Brooke Valley Bassoon Days in the wilderness of Ontario. You have put together a memorable, wonderful experience for young (and older) musicians. Here is a pat on the back, a hug and a huge appreciation for all that you have done.

Phil and Jacky