Reed Making / Reed Supplies

There will be formal instructional reed making sessions daily for those who need them (how to shape, how to profile, how to make a blank, how to trim a blank, etc.) as well as informal sharing of information as we sit down and make reeds together whenever we have a spare moment.
If you have cane and tools, DO bring them. If you do not have cane and tools and have never made reeds before, don’t worry!

There will be a fully equipped reed making area with a Benson Bell profiler, Fox shapers, a Rieger Tip Profiler and all the little things required for making reeds.

The #virtualbvbd2020 reed making doubled as a popular socializing opportunity for those near and far!  

Reed Tuck Shop

There will also be a Reed Tuck Shop sponsored by Jim Ewen of the Winnipeg Symphony. You will be able to purchase cane (gouged only, gouged and shaped only or gouged, shaped and profiled) and wire. Some tools may also be available for purchase at the Reed Tuck Shop.

Bring money to purchase reed cane if you do not have any.

Prices in 2018 were : $4/piece for gouged cane, $5/piece for gouged and shaped cane, $6/piece for gouged, shaped and profiled cane. How much cane you will need depends on how ambitious you are and how many reeds you make. You can also purchase cane to take home. Reed wire will also be available at $1/metre.

All proceeds from the sales at the Reed Tuck Shop go towards the growth of the Paul Buttemer Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Bassoon Accessories

Shane Wieler of Marcus-Wieler Bassoon Workshop will hold a “bassoon market” at some point during the week.