2023 Registration is Open!

Registration for All Participants

Step 1: Get acquainted with our BVBD Fees page, that describes what is included with both online and in-person participation. In-person participants should also familiarize themselves with the BVBD 2023 Waiver.

Step 2: Click on “Register Now” and complete and submit the online Registration Form.

Step 3: Make payment. If you are a Canadian resident and paying by e-transfer, send it to bvbdbassoondays@gmail.com. If you are using Paypal for credit card or international payments, you will be sent a Paypal-generated invoice to facilitate payment.

Step 4: In-person participants age 18 or over must complete and sign the BVBD 2023 Waiver. The waiver is to be completed and signed by the parents or guardians of in-person participants under the age of 18. Email a scan or a photo of the completed and signed waiver to bvbdbassoondays@gmail.com before attending BVBD 2023.