2024 Fees

All participants

All participants, whether virtual or in-person pay the BVBD tuition fee which provides full access to all

  • masterclasses, presentations, concerts
  • reed sessions
  • private lessons
  • Rackett rehearsals
  • plus a free BVBD t-shirt

BVBD tuition fee: all participants – virtual and in-person

$540 + $75 (non-refundable registration fee) + $79.95 HST = $694.95

REGISTER BEFORE MAY 15, 2024, and PAY 2023 RATES! $500 + $75 (non-refundable registration fee) + $74.75 HST = $649.75

In-person participants: Add-on for Room and Board

NOTE: All in-person participants and faculty must read and sign the BVBD Waiver.

In-person participation is limited so sign up early. The in-person add-on for room and board is payable immediately to hold the spot.

As well as receiving access to all masterclasses, presentations, concerts, reed sessions, Rackett rehearsals and a free BVBD t-shirt, in-person participants also receive the following:

  • accommodation in dorms or cabins plus socialising over 3 delicious, healthy meals/day plus one evening snack/day.
  • two daily small ensemble sessions with coach
  • recreation (swimming, hiking, basketball, volleyball, boating, bonfires, and more.)
  • participation in the end-of-session concert in front of a live and a virtual audience.
  • stargazing
In-person Room and Board Add-on

$635 + $82.55 HST = $717.55

$1175 + $75 (non-refundable registration fee) + 162.50 HST = $1412.50

REGISTER BEFORE MAY 15, 2024, and PAY 2023 RATES! $1070 + $75 (non-refundable registration fee) + $148.85 HST = $1293.85

Payment Method

Preferred method is e-transfer to bvbdbassoondays@gmail.com

You can also pay with Paypal (there is a 5% surcharge to cover service costs.)

Please note:

  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from Brooke Valley Bassoon Days.
  • Each participant is responsible for ensuring that Brooke Valley Bassoon Days receives payments and any other documents within the deadlines.
  • No one will be accepted on site if there are monies due.

Cancellation / change / refundsThe $75 registration fee is non-refundable. There will be no refunds for registrations canceled after July 12th.