Shane Wieler

Shane Wieler

Master bassoon technician

For the past 27 years Shane Wieler has established a reputation as one of the foremost bassoon technicians. Based in Brampton, Ontario, he has clients travelling from around the world to have him maximize the potential of their bassoon and contrabassoon – just bassoons!

His passion for detailed technical “machines” evolved from a very early time in his life when at the tender age of one, he was discovered taking apart a record player’s wiring. From there he moved on to building and maintaining high performance racing bicycles and then bassoons in his teenage years. The bassoon and music management journey continued with significant influences from Gerald Corey and George Zukerman, and then many of the finest bassoonists who are his clients. They have helped him hone his craft through their invaluable player input.

Shane’s not a bad bassoon player either. Over the past 45 years he has been a member of the Ottawa Symphony as well as many other orchestras throughout the Greater Toronto Area. He can add contrabassoon player to his resume as well. His experience as a player adds significantly to his skill as a technician.

Can you believe his career path began in public accounting? After about ten years, he finally found his true calling and his passion for music led to his success as an orchestra founder and general manager, manager and keyboardist in an eight-person pop fiddle band with his children, and of course, a highly respected bassoon technician. He is a big promoter of youth music performance and sees that as the most effective life-skill building opportunity for youth.

During Brooke Valley Bassoon Days, Shane takes on the role of teacher and mentor, teaching essential skills in maintaining instruments as well as helping out with the occasional bassoon technical and maintenance emergency that may arise when there are over 40 bassoons and contrabassoons within a 100-metre radius of the dining room!