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Paul Buttemer Scholarship Fund

Since its establishment in 2012 The Paul Buttemer Scholarship Fund has made it possible for young bassoonists from Moncton New Brunswick www.sistemanb.ca, Ottawa Ontario www.leadingnotefoundation.org and Philadelphia Pennsylvania www.playonphilly.org to attend Brooke Valley Bassoon Days.

Richard Hoenich and Jo Ann Simpson, the directors of Brooke Valley Bassoon Days, believe strongly in the mission to make music education, and specifically the bassoon, accessible to those who otherwise could not afford it. For this reason, we are working towards growing The Paul Buttemer Scholarship Fund. Donations, no matter how small, are appreciated and can be made at this link.

Contact us to ask how you can become a sponsor and “adopt a bassoonist”!

Brooke Valley Bassoon Days is not a registered charity and therefore cannot issue tax receipts for your donations.


Thanks so much for giving Zak a scholarship again this year! He had a wonderful and enriching experience with all of you. He was back home and practising his bassoon with pride. He really enjoyed his experience.

— Natasha Marouf, mother of Zak, age 12, from Orkidstra Ottawa

The Paul Buttemer Scholarship Fund is important to me because it gives me the chance to further my learning during the summer when otherwise I don’t have daily music classes and weekly lessons to guide me. At Brooke Valley Bassoon Days, I get the opportunity to meet others my age who share my passion for the bassoon and receive coaching from the outstanding faculty members, which helps me expand my musical knowledge. I’m grateful to be able to receive this scholarship, without which I would not be able to attend the session.

–Maya Bengle Stanley – Bassoonist with Orkidstra Ottawa

Summer opportunities like the Brooke Valley Bassoon Days open an entire world of possibilities to our students. Not only do they form lifelong relationships with other bassoonists from around the world, but they come home committed to being the best musician possible.

— Stanford Thompson – Former Executive Director – Play On, Philly!, Chairman – El Sistema USA

Brooke Valley Bassoon Days camp was a great experience for Empress. She was able to go to Canada and gain a different perspective on life in general and how people live in Canada. She enjoyed camping, sharing stories, and valuable bassoon lessons. This opportunity provided her the chance to grow musically and individually. After this experience, she was accepted into Sinfonia’s Youth Orchestra. We truly cherish everyone that made this possible. Children need rich experiences that help to shape them to reach beyond their expectations.

— Erica Dill, mother of bassoonist Empress – Play On, Philly!